The long waiting period is still upon us as “Supergirlseason 3 returns this fall. It cannot be denied how each little detail of the series is precious to fans. Thanks to San Diego Comic-Con, viewers are able to gather some clues before the said CW series finally hits the small screens.

The previous season ended with a painful heartbreak. Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) made the brave decision to let go of Mon-El (Chris Wood) for his own safety. Unfortunately, consequences are about to take place in season 3.

Turning Kara’s pain into darkness

During the previous seasons, Supergirl herself was the one who lightens up the show.

Kara Danvers can do this no matter how many villains come up as she is the lead character. She sets the mood of the show!

Unfortunately, the third season promises a darker comeback, and this is all because of one reason – Kara Danvers is in pain. Kara is the backbone of the series, and in this state, a lot of things can happen as she turns pain into something dark.

The defeat of Supergirl

According to Bustle, the new villain named “Reign” (Odette Annabelle) was described as one of the five world killers. Just like Supergirl and Superman, she was sent from Krypton to Earth. However, she is not like the former villains as Reign has one specific motive.

Her agenda is not to conquer or rule Earth.

Therefore, she is more likely to defeat Supergirl. It was revealed that Reign has a connection with Kara’s best friend, Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath).

Lena Luthor might not be the completely bad person we thought she was even with a connection to Reign. Sadly, a lapse in judgment could happen if Kara finds this out. Several aspects can mess with Supergirl’s troubled heart, and this can lead her to a defeated outcome.

Break up of Kara Zor-el and Mon-el

Supergirl and Mon-El loved each other, and we do not doubt that. We saw our female Kryptonian superhero break after the latter departed. While Mon-el is hinted to return, there is a chance that Kara might react to it negatively.

She sees her human persona as a weakness. The trailer for season 3 even featured Supergirl saying that “Kara Danvers was a mistake.” In line with this, she might choose to completely let go of Mon-El and prioritize her duties in National City.

Furthermore, Kara lived on Earth since her younger years. Executive producer Robert Rovner explained that “Supergirlseason 3 is all about “dealing with emotions and human feelings.” In the end, viewers must obviously look forward to how Kara Danvers can overcome the pain.