Meghan King Edmonds questioned whether she wanted to return to "The Real Housewives of Orange County" last season, as the drama had reached brand-new heights. While Meghan and the other ladies were in Ireland, Meghan felt that the drama was too much and she questioned whether she wanted to bring her daughter into this new world of reality television. But after little Aspen arrived, Meghan felt that she could handle being a mother and film the reality show, as she knew that she would be out of Orange County for quite some time. While she has been able to make it work, she never thought that kelly dodd would be the one to turn her back on her.

Meghan King Edmonds and Dodd were good friends when they started filming the show. It was clear that Meghan was the one who introduced Kelly to the rest of the cast and the producers so she could get hired. But it sounds like King Edmonds may have crossed the line with Kelly when she inquired about a boyfriend rumor. It was no secret that Kelly and her husband Michael struggled a bit last year as their marriage was tested in several ways. When Meghan asked Kelly about the boyfriend rumor, Dodd replied that it was not true and that she had heard rumors about Jimmy cheating on Meghan.

Cheating accusation flops

At the time, King Edmonds was seven months pregnant and wasn't exactly in the right state of mind to be dealing with a cheating rumor.

Of course, Meghan didn't seem to believe the rumor, but she was devastated that a friend of hers would make such crazy accusations. In addition, she didn't really talk to Kelly until after Aspen was born. When Jimmy heard that Kelly was making such accusations about their marriage and about him supposedly cheating, he didn't want her around.

As Meghan explains in her new Bravo blog, Jimmy Edmonds actually didn't even want Kelly at their Orange County home. So when Meghan decided to invite Kelly over for a chat prior to her sip-n-see for baby Aspen, it might've been against Jimmy's wishes. It sounds like Kelly will have some explaining to do if she and Jimmy ever come face-to-face.

Did she go against Jimmy's wishes?

"We didn’t talk for a few months, but then I thought about her redeeming qualities, about how she’s funny and a lot of fun to be around, so I wanted to keep her on the periphery. I didn’t want to totally let her in. Jimmy didn’t want to let her in our house. He gets so upset when people try to hurt me. I’m able to shrug it off a lot better than he is," King Edmonds explains in her Bravo blog.

Of course, Jimmy isn't the first person that Kelly has made shielding accusations about. Last year, it was Shannon Beador and David that had to deal with her various comments about the cheating. It sounds like Kelly may be tired of defending herself and her marriage because she was so open and honest about their troubles from the very beginning.

What do you think about Jimmy Edmonds not wanting Kelly Dodd in his house? Do you think Meghan King Edmonds went against her husband's wishes when she invited her over?