Malia Obama is the daughter of the former President of the United States Barrack Obama and has recently moved off to college. The teenager has been trying her best to find her place in college however; a recent incident has reminded Malia that she is not just a normal teenager. Malia was involved in an altercation with a member of the public who insisted on getting a photograph of the teenage celebrity.

The teenager has just moved to Harvard

According to the Daily Mail, it has been less than a week since Malia Obama has moved in to her dorm at Harvard and it seems that she is having some trouble fitting in.

College life has not been easy for the daughter of the former President of the United States as she has been widely recognized and harassed across campus.

Malia took a year off between high school and college in which she interned for a company called The Weinstein Company. She toured around various other campuses before she decided on Harvard, which happens to be the same university both of her parents graduated from.

According to the New York Daily News, both Michelle and Barrack Obama graduated from Harvard with law degrees. It remains unknown as to whether Malia intends on following in her parent's footsteps and if she is pursuing law in college.

Malia declined a photograph with an elderly woman in a shop

According to TMZ, Malia Obama was shopping when an Elderly Woman approached her and asked if she could take a photo with the daughter of the former President. Malia politely declined however, the woman waited outside the store for the teenager to finish her shopping before trying to take a photo of the celebrity.

Malia was taken aback by the woman's actions and criticized her harshly for taking her photograph without her permission. In a report by the Daily Mail, Malia Obama was greatly angered by the woman and her attempts to capture Malia's photograph.

Witnesses have reported that the woman quickly intercepted the teenager once she had exited the shop and snapped a photograph of her.

Malia snapped at the elderly lady telling her that she should not be taking her photograph as if she was an animal in a cage.

Malia Obama has grown up around the paparazzi and this is not the first time that the teenager has been asked for a photograph. However, Malia has expressed her desire to be a normal teenager in the past and while she did not ignore the woman when she first asked for a photo it was clear that Malia did not want to be singled out.

The elderly woman managed to get the photograph that she wanted for her grandson however; her actions have caused a media frenzy surrounding the incident.