Former "Dancing with the Stars" member Sadie Robertson has been expanding her career. The dancer has become a motivational speaker and has revealed that she also wants to write a book one day. In a recent interview with Entertainment Online, Sadie talked about her latest career opportunity Acting in a movie "Sun, Sand and Romance." The dancer has expressed interest in pursuing a career in acting as well as taking part in other projects.

The dancer recently tried her hand at acting

According to Entertainment Online, Sadie Robertson has recently opened up about her experience with acting in an interview with the magazine.

The dancer will be playing the role of character Chloe is a Hallmark movie titled "Sun, Sand and Romance." Robertson stated that she is beyond excited for the role and she feels like this is the next step for her career.

Robertson admitted that she initially thought it would be quite difficult to find a movie that had a good message and was one she wanted to be a part of. The dancer was extremely surprised when "Sun, Sand and Romance" came her way and stated that it was the perfect movie for her.

Sadie is a motivation speaker and was worried that any potential movies might clash with the morals that she preached to her audiences. She stated that she did not want to be contradicting the things that she says and this was very important for her when it came to picking the right movie.

Robertson claimed that the experience acting was one of the best of her life. She stated that the movie is sweet and light but also has layers of hidden depth. The dancer revealed that she could definitely see herself going down this road in the future, and is looking forward to acting in more projects down the line.

Sadie opened up about the end of her relationship

While the dancers working life has been thriving she has recently encountered some trouble in her romantic life. In a report by E! News, Sadie split from her boyfriend recently and was asked about this during the interview with Entertainment.

The actor revealed that she and her boyfriend had dated for three years and that their relationship was very public.

The pair were together during the time that Robertson was part of the show "Dancing with the Stars" and because of this, it was difficult to hide her personal life from the media.

Sadie revealed that the pair are now friends and recently sat down to discuss where their relationship went wrong. She has claimed that she is now looking for a potential partner and has revealed that she has a crush on the singer Justin Bieber. Robertson claims that she wants someone she can simply be normal with.

Robertson is excited to see what the public thinks of her movie "Sun, Sand and Romance" and is patiently awaiting the audience's feedback.