In spite of being underage, Malia Obama turned up at a 21-and-over event at a SoHo nightclub on Saturday where she accosted Lucian Wintrich, a White House Correspondent for The Gateway Pundit.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Malia appeared to be having a good time, until she spotted Wintrich and decided to confront him. Witnesses, who described 18-year-old Malia Obama as being intoxicated, stated that she stormed over to the journalist and began yelling at him after he attempted to take her picture.

Malia Obama acted like a spoiled brat, witnesses claim

Wintrich states that Malia forced him to identify himself. After he did so, the former First Daughter allegedly told the journalist to sit down with her and have a discussion. Wintrich claims that after he accepted Malia's invitation, she grew indignant and yelled at him, "I think you're disgusting." This caused Malia's personal bodyguards to intervene and they whisked her away from the scene.

Wintrich described Malia Obama as being "unhinged" and "reckless."

"Privilege and entitlement grants you the opportunity to be at a club for 21-and-over individuals as well as the opportunity to make a fool of yourself in public," reported The Gateway Pundit of the Saturday night incident at The Parlor, an exclusive club in New York's trendy SoHo neighborhood.

Journalist live tweets Malia's meltdown

Wintrich documented the incident as it unfolded via Twitter. His tweets indicate that the altercation took place shortly before 1:25 AM. A few minutes later, Wintrich joked on Twitter that he had just been "scolded" by Malia Obama for having the audacity to show up at the same nightclub as her (Wintrich explained to The Gateway Pundit that he was an invited guest at the private affair).

Shortly after 2:00 AM, Wintrich posted another tweet indicating that he had been threatened by The Parlor's management.

"Delete the Malia Obama shoulder pic from all my social media or I'd be banned," he tweeted, referencing the picture he took of the former First Daughter, in which only part of her shoulder was visible.

A friend of the journalist, Martina Markota, claims that she and Wintrich were both tossed out of the club following the incident.