The movie series “Home Alone” has been one of the most-watched Christmas films in the 90’s and any child (or adult) in that era would definitely be familiar with the movie. Its’ star, Macaulay Culkin has faced a lot of controversies growing up.

He has gone from a famous and adorable child star to an adult who is lost in himself. However, it looks like the former actor has finally found his way back into his life, along with Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson.

Close Relationship With Paris Jackson

No one could know for sure to what extent of special the relationship is between child actor, Macaulay Culkin and Paris Jackson.

Looking back, it can be recalled how public the friendship was between Culkin and Michael Jackson, despite the huge age gap.

They were so close that the latter has made Culkin the godfather of Paris, who is now 19 years old. When the late Jackson has been accused of child abuse years before his death, and Culkin was one who testified for him.

The claims of the child abuse were then debunked, especially after his death to which the spotlight was shifted back to his legendary contribution to the music industry.

However, despite having been gone away from the spotlight after his movie “Richie Rich,” Culkin has been in the life of Paris, even after the latter’s father’s death.

Culkin has also been through so many controversies; since the public has been aware of how lost he has been ever since he stopped making movies when he was a child, having lost his multi-million dollar career amidst the custody battle of his parents over him and his money.

Culkin Seen To Be Getting Back On Track

Despite the many controversies that he has been in, he doesn’t seem to be away from the life of his god daughter, Paris Jackson.

However, their closeness has been taken into question especially since recently they got matching tattoos, according to Page Six.

They have even enjoyed attending parties together, staying out until the wee hours of the night.

The two have also spent quite a number of special occasions together, all being publicized by Paris herself.

Even though it’s too soon to tell if there is indeed any romantic relationship going on between the two, it is still safe to say that Culkin has slowly made his way back into the industry, showing his face more to the public now than he ever did growing up, although he hasn’t officially gone back into acting and the like, the fans are happy to see him in the good light once again.