President Trump has announced the transgender ban in the United States Military. The current President has stated that transgender people will only be leeching off the military's funds in what has been a highly controversial decision. Transgender woman and activist Caitlyn Jenner has finally spoken up about the ban and explained why it is the wrong decision.

The President of the US has announced his plans

According to TV Line, President of the United States Donald Trump has recently announced his intention to ban transgender individuals from joining the US army.

This decision has been a major cause of controversy as of late as well as several other questionable statements that the President has made. Trump's statement caused thousands of American people to react in both shock and outrage.

According to ENews, the President made this decision based on the belief that transgender individual’s medical costs will ultimately be eating money away from the military resources. He has argued that having such people in the military would be far too disruptive to the soldiers and that their primary duty is to defend the United States.

Several celebrities have disagreed with President Donald Trump's decision including James Corden who defended the transgender public on his show "The Late Late Show with James Corden." Corden is not the only celebrity to speak out in defense of an entire community.

Transgender woman Caitlyn Jenner has finally responded to Trump's ban.

The star wrote an entire post about Trump's decision

Caitlyn Jenner has written an entire post detailing why President Trump's decision is the wrong decision to be made. Jenner is a transgender woman and was deeply shocked and offended by the President's announcement that he was going to deny people the opportunity to serve their country based on whether or not they were transgender.

According to ENews, Jenner stated that there are currently 15,000 transgender men and women serving in the United States military. She explained that if Trump was to remove transgender soldiers from the field it would have dire consequences on the areas of American that they were protecting.

She also went on to include that certain studies have shown that transgender people are more likely to serve in the military and by creating this ban Trump is losing a large portion of service members.

The transgender community has taken President Trump’s decision as an act of hate and discrimination.

There has been no further comment from the President of the US about Caitlyn Jenner's statements. One can only hope that he will remove the ban, which oppresses many citizens of the US.