John Heard, who played the role of Macaulay Culkin's father in the "Home Alone Series" died on July 23 in his Hotel Room in California, CNN reported. According to the Santa Clara medical examiner's office, Heard was 71 but other sources claimed he was 72.

The office of the medical examiner in the Santa Clara has confirmed his death. At this time, the cause of death is still unknown. Palo Alto police reports indicate Heard was recovering from back surgery when emergency personnel were called to the actor's hotel room.

The Palo Alto police department said, "Our officers responded with the Fire Department to a hotel in our city on a report of a person in need of medical aid."

Heard became famous after playing Kevin's father role in the first two parts of 'Home Alone'

Heard had a very versatile career. Before entering the movies, he played a theater artist role. He got his first break in Tom Hank's "Big". He also appeared in other Hollywood movies including "Snakes eyes" (1998), "White Chicks" (2004), and "Beaches" (1988).

Heard played the character of Peter McCallister in the famous "Home Alone Series in the 1990s." In an interview with AV Club in 2015, Heard explained how much he struggled for Peter McCallister's role.

“He’s a gynecologist. And he’s got, what, 12 kids or something?" he said.

He told AV Club that some of his roles surprised him when they did not receive more attention such as in "Cross of Fire" (TV movies in 1989). He played the role of DC Stephenson who was a Ku Klux Klan leader in the 1920s. “The character was real, it was a true story," he said.

'Home Alone' actor acted as a lead actor in several other Hollywood films

The comedian, Marlon Wayans, who starred with John Heard in 2004 thriller and comedy film "White Chicks" said he and Heard laughed a lot together, reported the Guardian. On his Instagram account, Wayans said, “Thank you for all your contributions to our beloved industry.” The actor, John Woods also expressed his grief and said that he will miss Heard dearly.

Heard was married three times. He married Margot Kidder who was his first wife in 1979 but the marriage lasted only for one year and the couple divorced in 1980. Later, he married Lana Pritchard and Sharon Heard but again the marriages were only for a short time. He had three children, Annika, Max, and John Matthew. Max died in 2016.

He was a lead actor in "Gladiator," and "Cutter's Way." He was nominated for an "Emmy award" in 1999 as outstanding guest actor in Drama series.