Luis D. Ortiz left “Million Dollar Listing: New York” behind when he felt that he wanted to try something other than selling hot properties to millionaires. Luis had been working hard to build a portfolio in New York, and he had a Rolodex of contacts in New York to sell properties for large sums of money. Plus, people loved him because he had a Puerto Rican accent and he had firm styled hair that people rarely forgot. Plus, he was pint-sized compared to his co-stars and he constantly said, “boom!” and laughed.

He had created quite the fan base on “Million Dollar Listing: New York,” so when he announced that he was leaving the show because he was leaving the industry, fans were shocked.

Some people threatened to boycott the show, while others felt that no one could ever replace him. Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund were surprised that their co-star would choose to leave such a great opportunity behind, especially since the agents were getting paid to film the show.

According to a new Bravo report, Luis D. Ortiz is currently living in Paris. He announced the move to his co-stars a few months ago, and he moved to Paris on March 1. He was so excited about it but his co-stars felt he was making a mistake. D. Ortiz has revealed that while Paris may not be his forever home, he needed to make this move for himself.

Appearances on ‘MDLNY’

Since leaving for Paris, Luis D. Ortiz has been on “Million Dollar Listing: New York” a few times.

He appeared when he brought Ryan and Fredrik together to share his news that he wanted to move to Paris. In addition, it sounds like he will appear on the season finale of the show that will air tonight on Bravo, as the stars visit him in Paris.

But just because he has made several appearances doesn’t mean he’s going to stick around.

In fact, he may not appear on the next season of the show. It seems like he just appeared on this season because fans were curious about what happened to him after he left the show last year.

Ryan Serhant shares his thoughts

When his former co-star, Ryan Serhant, was asked about Luis D. Ortiz’s future in real estate, he revealed that he didn’t think that Luis would come back on the show.

In fact, he didn’t think that Luis would even return to the real estate industry.

"I don't think so. I really don't think so," Ryan revealed recently to Bravo, hinting that Luis has probably moved on to something else.

What do you think of Luis D. Ortiz not being interested in real estate anymore? Are you surprised he probably won’t return to “Million Dollar Listing: New York?”