The world is used to Kanye West and controversies surrounding him. The father of two and husband to Kim Kardashian trends on the internet for various reasons, the latest being about his lawsuit against the Saint Pablo Tour insurers and their countersuit. Last year in November, the rapper was hospitalized in a psychiatric center at UCLA, after an emotional breakdown, and the situation forced him to cancel some tour dates, losing millions in revenue to several parties, including the rapper. Fortunately, the tour was fully insured Lloyd’s of London syndicate, but it looks like they won't be paying Kanye easily.

Kanye’s team had sued The Life Of Pablo Tour insurer

According to a complaint obtained by Rolling Stone on August 1st, Kanye West’s company, Very Good Touring, had sued the insurer for $10 million and had claimed that they were withholding paying out claims from West’s canceled Saint Pablo tour. The lawsuit alleged breach of contract, good faith, and fair dealing. Before ending his concert at the time, West had ranted and made controversial statements about Beyonce, Jay-Z and Donald Trump, the then-presidential elect.

The insurance countersued Kanye in an LA court

According to Pitchfork, insurers at Lloyd's of London responded with a 38-page countersuit and asked a Los Angeles federal judge, to rule in their favor that they don’t have to pay West even a dime.

They argued that Kanye’s reason to cancel his tour was not beyond his control. The filing did not explain what they meant by the cancellation is within the rapper’s power but cited some exemptions in their policies of the insurance company which involves alcohol and drugs use, and pre-existing medical conditions. The insurer also claimed that the insured’s team are withholding additional information that is vital for their investigation.

Kanye’s attorney, Howard King said that it’s the insurer didn’t want to honor a legit claim but have no factual basis to deny the allegation.

The insurer didn’t reveal exactly what it uncovered in its investigation saying that they were omitting reference to specific info to protect Mr.West’s private life details. The attorneys representing the insurers are Wayne Hammack and Paul Schrieffer who were the same lawyers who stood against the Foo Fighters following the cancellation of their concerts after a terrorist attack at a Paris nightclub and Dave Grohl’s broken leg.

In fact, the early involvement of the legal counsel with Loyd’s of London was the reason West and his team suspected the insurer was not going to pay up.

Kanye’s breakdown had affected his marriage with Kim Kardashian but also humanized the couple. Kanye's hospitalization was close to the time Kim was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. Somehow the incidents earned them sympathy from their fans. In a family that cares about its public image, Kris Jenner couldn’t stand in favor of Kanye after discovering that his breakdown was drug fuelled. Even though the rapper shows off his relationship in public, it seems he has some secrets which the insurer’s company is accusing him of keeping. His fans can’t wait to see how this will end.