The Lollapalooza festival had to be canceled after the first night due to severe weather warnings. Lorde was among the artists who were told that they would no longer be performing at the festival and she was gutted. The singer had a great set planned for her fans and took to social media to apologize for the cancellation. Lorde promised that she would return and perform for her fans as soon as possible.

The set was canceled due to weather

According to Rolling Stone, singer Lorde's set was cancelled at the Lollapalooza festival due to weather. The star was informed by the promoters that several of the sets had to be cut early or entirely due to the dangerous weather they were due to get in Chicago.

Lollapalooza usually goes on for a total of four days and has several different musicians and bands performing during the festival. However, organizers were forced to cancel the festival after the first day, as the National Weather Service warned the public of oncoming storms in the area.

The Chicago Police Department worked with the festival staff as they tried to evacuate everyone from the premises that night. The public was extremely disappointed that the festival had to be called off and many musicians were upset that they had been told they could no longer perform.

The organizers of Lollapalooza have since apologized to the public and released a statement about the cancellation of the concert.

They stated that while they were disappointed that the festival had to be canceled, their number one priority was the safety and well-being of the public and artists.

The singer told fans she would not be performing

According to US Magazine, the singer was absolutely maddened that her set had to be canceled and took to social media to talk to her fans about the cancellations.

Lorde stated that she did not know what to tell her fans but that the organizers of Lollapalooza had told her and the other artists that they could no longer play.

Lorde expressed her sincerest apologies to her fans and promised them that she would return to play her set for the festival-goers. She explained that she had worked extremely hard for the upcoming festival and had her best performance planned for them.

In the wake of the news, Lorde immediately looked into other last minute venues for her performance including clubs around the area. She posted the news to her Twitter and told fans that she was desperately searching and that she would keep them updated about what was happening.

It appears that Lorde was not able to organize another venue for her performance but she expressed to fans that she will be performing for them in the near future.