Lorde's fans have been waiting for the follow-up to her 2013 album, "Pure Heroine." They have been wondering what she'll do next. To their surprise, it seems like she's latching onto the next music trend. The singer and songwriter is not the type of pop star who usually sings about love and heartbreak. Her debut wasn't filled with those types of songs. That's what made her different from the other pop girls. Has Lorde been influenced by her friend Taylor Swift? That's the question on fans' minds as they listen to her new song, "Green Light" on repeat.

'Team' singer has fans confused about her new sound

Lorde's fans have been waiting patiently for new music. Though she worked with Disclosure and wrote music for "The Hunger Games" soundtrack, she hasn't worked on music of her own for a long time. She finally dropped her new single "Green Light" on Thursday, March 2, much to the surprise of her fans. Lorde's fans looked forward to listening the new song on Spotify.

Most were happy that to hear that Lorde released another certified bop. Meanwhile, other fans thought her new song sounded like a Taylor Swift song. Lorde and Swift became friends after the New Zealand-based singer dropped her debut album. Fans fear that she has been inspired by her friend.

They were probably hoping for more moody songs such as "Royals" and "Team." Some even lamented that they weren't happy to see the song is a breakup song.

Swift is known for her breakup songs.

Taylor Swift doesn't hold back on Instagram

The "Bad Blood" singer isn't holding back her love for "Green Light." She took to Instagram to support her friend and said that she is currently doing an interpretative dance to it. Swift's own fans thought that her caption was a bit cheesy and dated since she included the acronyms "g2g" (got to go) and "brb" (be right back).

It's not clear whether it was Taylor Swift who ruined Lorde's sound. The star is not usually known for her up-beat tunes. Maybe she is just getting less moody as she grows up. Only time will when her sophomore album drops.

Lorde, Taylor Swift working with the same producers

One thing is for sure. Swift worked with music producer Jack Anton on her last album, "1989." Lorde thanked the same man on Instagram for helping her make her new hit.

Lorde's new album, "Melodrama," is set for release soon. She shared the cover art for her album, which was painted by artist Sam McKinniss.