Rumors have surfaced that Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson are now dating. While Perry split from boyfriend Orlando Bloom, Pattinson is still tied to his fiancé of two years, FKA Twigs. The pair was photographed enjoying a secluded dinner together and fans are speculating that they are together.

The pair have been spotted together

According to Teen Vogue, rumors about Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson dating have been circling the internet. The pair were spotted having dinner together at a restaurant in Los Angeles and the press released these photographs to the media.

TMZ has stated that while the photographs show that the pair is hanging out and having dinner together, it does not prove that they are dating.

According to TMZ, Katy Perry recently split from her boyfriend Orlando Bloom and fans are wondering if Perry is interested in pursuing Robert Pattinson. The photograph of the pair shows that they separated themselves from the other occupants of the restaurant and appear to be deep in conversation.

The pair has not addressed the rumors about them, which make fans wonder if there is something going on between them after all. However, there has been no evidence that Robert Pattinson has split from his fiancé FKA Twigs.

Robert Pattinson is engaged to FKA Twigs

According to Vogue, Robert Pattinson is still engaged to his fiancé of two years, FKA Twigs. There has been no evidence that the pair has split and the magazine claims that the rumors about Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson are simply hearsay.

However, when Pattinson was recently asked if he was still engaged to FKA Twigs, the star responded that they were kind of engaged, leading the public to believe that the couple split or at the very least are on some sort of break.

If this is the case then it has not taken Pattinson long to move on from his fiancé.

Fans have been quick to remind one another that Pattinson simply does not like to share his personal life with the press and that this has been a strong arc to Robert and FKA Twig's relationship. For the most part, the couple has tried to keep news about their relationship out of the media.

FKA Twig's has not made a comment about her fiancé's supposed relationship with Katy Perry.

Neither Katy Perry nor Robert Pattinson have commented on the rumors that they are dating. Their fans are desperate to know the truth about their secluded dinner but will have to wait until the rumors are finally addressed.