In 2016, Apple had handed out its Pride Edition Woven Nylon Apple Watch band to its employees during the Pride 2016 events held in San Francisco. A year later, the Cupertino-based company started publicly selling the same band during the World Wide Developers Conference 2017. In the first few weeks after the band became available on Apple online store, the company made no reference whatsoever as to whether a portion of the profits will be given to any LGBTQ organizations. However, a recent change made on the webpage suggests otherwise.

Apple to help LGBTQ organizations

The page where the Pride Edition Woven Nylon Apple Watch band has been uploaded has undergone a slight change. The company has confirmed that it will be helping out some LGBTQ organizations and groups with the profits it will make from the rainbow-colored Pride band. First spotted by a Redditor named N-Code, the product description of the Pride Woven Nylon band has been changed.

The current product description officially confirms that a portion from the Pride Edition band’s sales, which are collected from the United States will be given to some specific LGBTQ groups to help them in their work. Apple mentions that LGBTQ groups and associations including PFLAG, GLSEN, and The Trevor Project, all based in the U.S.

will be receiving the help from the Cupertino-based firm. Apart from these ILGA and international LGBTQ will also be receiving donations from Apple. Furthermore, Apple stated that it was proud to “support LGBTQ advocacy organizations working to bring about positive change” in the mindset of the people and in the society as a whole.

It was discovered with the help of the Wayback Machine internet archive that the changes in the product description was made just the day before, on June 21.

Apple and its philanthropic acts

Apple has been a long standing supporter of the LGBTQ community even before the current CEO Tim Cook publicly announced his sexual orientation in 2014.

Apart from the support the company shows for the LGBTQ community, it has several other philanthropic acts where donations are given from the sales of its products. One such example is the (PRODUCT)RED Apple devices. A portion of the profits made for the products under this brand is donated to the Global Fund to help them fight HIV/AIDS and also create awareness amongst communities about this condition. Apple marked its tenth year in supporting (PRODUCT)RED'S causes.

Apple Pride Edition Woven Nylon Watch band

Each Pride Edition Woven Nylon band is woven from more than 500 threads strung together in the rainbow-colored pattern. The band is currently available on and one can purchase it from the online store for $49.00. Both the 38mm and 42mm watch band are available for purchase.