It looks as if "The Walking Dead" fans are going to have another AMC series to get wrapped up into in the future. AMC has announced that an official "Walking Dead" Cartoon Series will be released.

Fans will soon have a new way to watch their favorite zombie apocalypse stories.

The new "TWD" cartoon series will be an adult show and released in Black And White according to reports from The reports state that Image Comics is going all the way back to 2003 to bring the monthly installments to life in cartoon form.

New AMC 'Walking Dead' Cartoon series will be for adults; parents will need to use their discretion.

The new adult zombie killing cartoon got the green light after AMC previously released a version on the network's YouTube channel. The cartoon received great reviews and interest, and AMC has now officially decided to move ahead with the project. Fans are anxious to see Robert Kirkman's "Walking Dead" story brought to animated life. There are, however, going to be quite a few differences between the cartoon and the actual "TWD" AMC series.

AMC has promised they will turn the first six issues into the “Days Gone Bye” arc. The animated video was originally uploaded in 2012, but after careful consideration, given to the development of the project, AMC is officially kick-starting the series again into a long-running cartoon series.

The site reveals that fans will thoroughly enjoy the graphic artwork of Phil LaMarr. This, as comic fans well know means that the cartoon series will be chocked full of some of the goriest and violent scenes to take place on screen yet...Just in cartoon form.

There will be some major adjustments for "Walking Dead" fans, though, one of the biggest just happens to be that in the comics Daryl Dixon is non-existent.

Also, be prepared for some major characters to have different stories, relationships and eventually deaths in the AMC cartoon series, which has also promised to be just like the comics.

At this time there has been no official information as to when we can expect TWD cartoon series to begin airing. However, fans can begin their official countdown to Season 8 of the AMC television drama anytime, October is only five more months away.

Spoiler lovers, you can start expecting the spoiler season to kick off into full swing in the next few weeks.

There have already been a few season 8 spoilers starting to dribble in so if you love "Walking Dead" spoilers be sure to check back often. What are your thoughts on a black and white comic-book based adult cartoon series? Is this something you believe you would watch?