Lamar Odom is a well-known former NBA star who has recently recovered from a severe cocaine overdose that left him unable to walk. Odom has announced that he will be releasing a memoir about his past life including his addiction, his past cheating and his recovery in the hospital. Rumors have surfaced that Jenner has offered Odom a pay out if he chooses not to publish the memoir.

The memoir about the star's time in rehab

According to Life And Style, Lamar Odom has plans to write a memoir about his time in rehab after he suffered a dangerous overdose.

Odom nearly died and was left unable to walk last year when he was found in a brothel unconscious. The former NBA star had started writing the memoir and said that the idea first came to him when he was in rehab recovering.

Odom has told InTouch that he will be opening up about everything in his memoir from his marriage to Khloe Kardashian to plastic surgery secrets. He also added that he would also be delving into the question as to whether or not O.J Simpson is Khloe Kardashian's birth father.

Fans of Lamar Odom can expect to learn everything about the former NBA star, from his addiction to cocaine to how he cheated several times on his wife at the time. Odom is currently in recovery from his long battle with cocaine but has stated that every day is a challenge for him.

Odom's sobriety has been questioned as of late when he was spotted at a bar hitting on two women. Lamar has not commented on the incident, but fans are worried that the former NBA star might be slipping back into bad habits. An inside source spoke to Life and Style and stated that Odom is coming clean about everything in his new memoir.

They reported that Lamar has nothing else left to lose and is hoping to bring in about 10 million for this new venture.

Jenner did not offer Odom money

According to Extra TV, rumors have surfaced that Kris Jenner has offered Lamar Odom an enormous amount of money if he promises not to write the memoir. The mother of Lamar's former wife apparently does not want Odom to spill any family secrets in his new memoir.

Jenner has reportedly offered Odom $20 million as a bribe to keep quiet about the Kardashian's life.

However, the rumors that Jenner offered this bride are unfounded, and there is no evidence that she has even spoken to Lamar about his upcoming memoir. According to Gossip Cop, Lamar Odom's lawyer has been contacted and stated that he had heard nothing from Kris Jenner about a pay out.

Lamar Odom has teased that fan will not have to wait too long until his memoir is released and fans are looking forward to seeing what Odom has to say.