BTS (Beyond the Scene), also known for their Korean name as Bangtan Sonyeondan, once again proved how famous they are. The K-pop group recently ended their Wings Tour concerts that were sold out worldwide.

Now, their highly anticipated comeback has been the main topic of social media chatter. This is since the Wings era has ended! On the other hand, one of their ARMYs (fan) released a possible discovery of their comeback on social media and it went viral.

It all started with ‘Smeraldo’

According to AllKPop, the theory started when BTS member Jin posted a selca.

He was holding a bouquet of flowers and he captioned the photo with “Smeraldo.” The earlier source revealed that Smeraldo was apparently the name of the flower

However, the avid fan discovered that the flower named Smeraldo does not actually exist. To the fan’s surprise, she found a Flower Shop’s blog that sells the said flower of the same name. In fact, the photo of the flower was also labeled as BTS_Smeraldo.

Moreover, the blog codes also unveil that the nonexistent flower stands for “Seokjin Flower.” An avid fan of BTS would know that Jin’s real name is Seokjin. As expected, the flower shop became more mysterious!

As the discovery went on, the said flower shop is the only one that sells the non-existent flower.

The shop’s Instagram account also has a photo with what seems to be Jin’s handwriting. It says, “Feelings I could not deliver,” which was the assumed saying for the flower.

In addition, Smeraldo Flower shop will reportedly open in September. It can be recalled that this is the alleged planned comeback of BTS. Making things more interesting is the fact that the blog was opened the same day new BTS Logo was launched.

Meanwhile, a foundation day of “Smeraldo Academy” has been found as well, dated Sept. 12, 2017. Again, BTS fans are aware of this significant date – it is leader Rap monster's birthday. While the K-Pop group celebrated 4th year anniversary, the same goes for the flower shop that celebrated the fourth year as well. Some fans believe Smeraldo has a connection to HYYH Parts 1 and 2.

What is BTS up to?

There have been recent social media updates like posting photos inside their practice room. It is safe to say that they are diligently preparing for the comeback. Furthermore, their “Bon Voyage” Season 2 in Hawaii is still ongoing on VLive.

As of now, details for the official return of BTS have not been confirmed. Their last activities were doing the remake of Seo Taiji’s “Come Back Home” and participating on Music Bank held in Singapore. Here is the latest photo of BTS Jungkook posted by BigHit Entertainment. They are indeed appearing with flowers frequently these days!