It's okay and normal to have regrets. Everybody takes a step that ends fruitless, including our celebrities. Human beings are created to make decisions and act according to them, hoping they were right, but sometimes you might regret the decisions you made, just like Kim Kardashian.

Kim thinks she ought to have done things differently and influence her future positively. She expressed her one big regret, can you guess it? It's neither the infamous white swimsuit pic which is still one of the sauciest pictures on Instagram, with over a million reactions on October 2013, nor the photo of her 20-carat engagement ring that she had posted a few days before she got robbed at gunpoint on September last year while in Paris.

Her regret is about her engagement to Kanye West. I know what you’re thinking, hold your horses and wait for the surprise.

Kim Kardashian joined Patrick Starr on his channel where she opened up about her biggest regret

Kim made a guest appearance on makeup artist Patrick Starrr’s YouTube channel. You are perhaps stuck on the three Rs on Patrick’s last name, let's focus on the real story for now. The 36-year-old model and reality star appeared on the show to allow the vlogger to use her products on her, on camera of course, not that she couldn’t do it herself though, who doesn’t know her for her contouring? The whole concept was to market her products. Kim enjoys a massive following on YouTube and has been using the platform to do her own tutorials before.

Buddying up with Starrr widened her audience. Their conversation turned “intimate” when Starrr asked her about her biggest regret. She replied that she dislikes her hands. She further explained that one of her greatest regrets is her engagement photos, her nails were short, and she thought they would have looked better when long.

She’s among the top 10 people with the highest following on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian has over 102 million followers, and she’s the 7th most followed person on Instagram. She also invented the “Selfie.” Going through her photos is like walking through a dream world. Every time you scroll down her timeline, you envy her. Kim shouldn’t worry about her short nails; everybody loves her that way.

For a fact though, Kim has a bigger regret than that, even though she might not mention it. She lived an enviable lifestyle until Yeezy came in. Kanye’s behavior is of concern, and maybe she is regretting their engagement. We are used to celebrity brake-ups, and all we can do is hope the Wests won’t split up.