Kylie Jenner has finally opened up about her split from Tyga in her Reality Tv Series "Life Of Kylie" and has revealed that the media had a part to play in their breakup. The star spoke candidly about the impact that the media had on celebrities and their relationships and a source close to the star shared some of Kylie's concerns about Tyga.

Jenner opened up about how difficult it is have a public relationship

According to Elle, Kylie Jenner has finally opened up about the end of her relationship with former boyfriend Tyga and has stated that it was an extremely difficult time in her life.

Kylie opened up on her new reality TV series about how her breakup was blasted all over the internet, which made it extremely difficult for her to get over her ex.

The star claims that when she gets together with someone, she has to deal with complete strangers commenting on her choice of partner. She went on to state that most of the time what people think is not true and that no one knows what she is actually like in a relationship and that people simply make assumptions as to what kind of relationship she has with another person.

The star explained that there is no controlling what people are saying over the internet and that is one of the hardest parts to deal with. She claims that no one can win when it comes to the internet and that people are simply spreading unnecessary negativity.

She claims that she feels like she is in a relationship with the world rather than just with one person.

She has explained that the internet had a role to play in her relationship with Tyga but did not go into any further about the situation. It is clear that Kylie still feels the effects of the media in her new relationship with Travis Scott and wishes that she could have some more privacy in her personal life.

Insider claims Tyga was using Kylie

According to Hollywood Life, an insider has revealed that Kylie Jenner thought her ex-boyfriend Tyga was using her for her money. The source stated that Kylie did not trust Tyga anymore and was growing bored of their relationship. The source has also claimed that Kylie did not think that the relationship was going anywhere and claimed that Tyga did not appear to be ready to settle down with her.

It appears that Kylie wanted Tyga to propose and when he did not she was confident that the relationship between them was no longer going to work out. The source also revealed that Kylie is growing into a woman and needed some space from Tyga to figure things out.

Tyga has not made a comment on these claims and has revealed in the past that he was happy that Kylie had moved on with Travis Scott.