Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield first starting dating one another when they co-starred in "The Amazing Spiderman" together. The couple appeared very happy together and fans were sure that they were going to last, however, in 2015 they announced that they had broken up. While their relationship had ended the couple both admitted to still having feelings for one another. Recently rumors have sparked that they are back together but these rumors are yet to be confirmed.

A source has stated that the couple have a long and complicated history

According to Her, a source has come forward and made some claims about the dating life of actors Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

The pair is believed to be back together and has been spotted spending a lot of time together lately. The source has confirmed that Andrew Garfield's feelings never went away after the pair initially split up.

The source claims that Emma Stone has gone to see a show called "Angels in America" in which Andrew stars several times and that the couple still has an interest in one another. The source claims that every time Emma Stone goes to see the show she always makes time to go and see Garfield backstage. They claim that the couple has been spotted backstage sneaking around together and holding hands.

In a report by the Daily Mail, the same source claimed that while Emma Stone was in London for a film that she took a private trip to go see Andrew Garfield.

This is believed to be the time that the couple reunited and they are allegedly trying to date in secret. As to whether or not their reunion will be permanent, the source has stated that they are both extremely busy at the time being and are simply trying to see where their relationship goes.

This is not the first time that rumors surrounding the couple's reunions have started

According to the Daily Mail, there have been past incidences where fans have thought the couple was getting back together only to be disappointed with the news that they were not. After the BAFTA's in London, the pair were supposed to have gotten back together but it appeared that this was not the case.

Fans were devastated at the time, as they were sure that their favorite Hollywood couple was back together.

Whether the rumors about their reunion are true or not it is clear that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield still love and admire each other very much. According to Her, Emma Stone told Vogue that Andrew was someone that she still loved very much. She stated that 2015 had been a good and bad year for her as the couple split up.

Garfield, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, stated that he would allow Emma Stone to come to a deserted island with him. He claimed that he loves Emma and fans were amazed to hear that the couple still loved each other the same year of the split.

Neither Emma Stone nor Andrew Garfield has come forward to address the claims of their reunion and fans are desperate to see what happens next.