Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s romance is buried down in history but the “Twilight” actress is hitting back at criticisms about her relationships. The 27-year-old actress recently revealed that she never faked her relationships and has been deeply in love with all her ex-boyfriend and girlfriends including the “Good Time” actor.

Stewart has had her share of relationships. After the breakup from her “Twilight” co-star, she came out as gay and has been linked with many female celebrities.

Stewart and Pattinson romance saga

“The Twilight Saga” co-star’s real life romance ended after Stewart was caught cheating with Rupert Sanders.

The ex-lovers maintained a low-profile for a while before they found their individual partners.

In conversation with Metro Guilty Pleasures, Stewart said that she never faked her relationship and she can still fall in love with a man again. She said that she does not struggle or feel confused about being a bisexual and men are not off the menu for her.

The actress further added that she does not like the idea of talking about her relationships in public. She said that she knows that everyone thinks that she is ungrateful but that is not true. She thinks that fame is over-valued and she is not obligated to explain her love life.

Actress’s many romances

The Personal Shopper actress is linked with not one but four female celebrities.

Even the timing of many of her romances clashes and there is no clear detail. When Kristen first came out as gay, she shared a committed romantic relationship with VFX producer Alicia Cargile.

Stewart and Alicia Cargile are known to have dated in an on and off relationship. The duo dated for over a year before calling it quits in 2016.

However, there were recent rumors that the “Café Society” actress cheated on current girlfriend Stella Maxwell with Cargile after she was spotted leaving her home in the same clothes as the evening before, as reported by The Quebec Telegram.

Kristen is known to have dated French singer Soko. Their affair was a very public one.

They were spotted on the streets of New York getting cozy and kissing. Soko even declared her love for the actress during an interview with W Magazine. She revealed the controversial detail about going out on a blind date with Pattinson, the same night she met Stewart.

Nonetheless, the duo’s heated romance soon came to an end and the “Personal Shopper” actress went back to dating Cargile. The actress is known to have been dating Cara Delavigne’s ex-girlfriend St. Vincent for a brief period. The couple made it red carpet official but soon broke up thereafter.

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell share the longest relationship the actress had after breaking up with her former co-star. They both were first spotted in Los Angeles.

During her recent interview with Metro Guilty Pleasure, the actress revealed that she liked the fact that she has a duality when it comes to her sexuality and she enjoys it. The only part which she hates is being made fun of.