Much to the happiness of fans of "Teen Mom OG," Amber Portwood and Matt Baier finally split after three years together. The pair ultimately parted ways after it was revealed that he did not pass a lie detector test to determine whether or not he was cheating on the mother-of-one. According to the test, he had not acted on anything but had made passes at a woman that he had an alleged affair with. The pair attempted a reconciliation on "Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars Family Edition," but it seems that did very little to mend their relationship, as they broke-up permanently almost immediately following the show.

There is currently no word on when it premieres, but it will air on WeTV.

Matt spills on his ex-girlfriend's new man

Matt Baier confessed to Radar Online that he doesn't actually know Amber's new guy and has not met him previously. He has no idea who he is, but he says he hopes Amber is happy. It was previously reported that he handled the entire thing pretty maturely and that he says all he wants is for Amber to have a nice and fulfilling life. He also says that he speaks to Amber quite often still, though the pair is not attempting to reconcile any time soon. According to Matt, he is still just a phone call away and will be there for Amber whenever she needs him. The former reality TV star has not said much about his relationship with Amber's daughter Leah, though many fans of the show feel as though he never had much of a genuine relationship with the child, to begin with.

Amber's new man stars on the show as she hits back at the haters

Amber has already made way for the new man in her life. Evidently, he has already begun filming for "Teen Mom OG" and will most definitely appear on the show. The pair were spotted hugging and kissing while filming for a new season of the hit reality TV show, meaning that Amber at least has plans for him to stay a while.

Recently, however, fans blasted Amber for moving on so quickly from her ex and dating a new man. Many told her she needed to focus on herself and her daughter instead of jumping immediately to a new man, but she told the haters where to go immediately after addressing it online. According to Amber, she and Matt have been broken up for three months, which does not think is too long of a time to be apart from her ex before starting a new relationship with someone else. The reality TV star didn't mince words, giving fans who disapproved of her decision to date again the "f-word."