Thousands of fans are excited about the upcoming premiere of the “Frozen 2” even if details about it have been scarce. Christian Post suggested that Elsa will be fighting against her own sister, Anna, in the imminent sequel.

Sequel focuses on sister rivalry

Christian Post shared that Anna could possibly be the new main baddie in the incoming “Frozen 2” film. According to the news outlet, fans have been speculating that the younger sister of the current Arendelle ruler might try to steal the throne.

Rumors are rife that the imminent “Frozen” sequel will be featuring a new version of Anna, who is said to discover her own super powers.

It seems that he younger royal will become extremely jealous of Elsa and this could even result in the Queen’s death.

Theories suggest that someone will try to hypnotize Anna and feed her negative thoughts about Elsa and how she was treated by their parents. The same report added that Anna would turn against her elder sister as she clings to the idea that she deserves the throne.

While these speculations could possibly be true, it should be noted that Disney has remained "mum" about the details of the upcoming “Frozen 2” movie. So, fans should take these theories and predictions with a grain of salt until proven true and correct.

Producer shared sequel progress

Meanwhile, producer Peter Del Vecho has shed light on what fans can expect in the imminent “Frozen 2” movie.

He stated that Disney and the production team is currently working hard on the sequel.

While there have been a handful of rumors coming out about the second installment, Del Vecho has made it clear that they have not finished writing the storyline. According to the producer, the plot of the sequel is totally evolving like other films do and he is very excited about it.

Entertainment Weekly quoted him as saying “Now that we’ve been involved in it for a while, what’s exciting is it feels like it builds on the first movie,” He even said that the second installment will explain all the unsolved mysteries in the first movie.

While it has been previously confirmed that Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell and Josh Gad will be returning to reprise their roles as Elsa, Anna and Olaf, respectively, it remains to be seen if there will be additional characters in the sophomore film.

Jennifer Lee is also returning to direct the "Frozen 2" movie.

No official “Frozen 2” release date has been announced as of yet but fans are predicting the movie will premiere in November 2019. Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates!