Kourtney Kardashian, 38, is dating Younes Bendjima, 24, an Algerian Model 14 years younger than her. Bendjima is also a former boxer and lives in New York. They met in Paris in October last year, when her sister Kim suffered a violent robbery in the French capital.

The model was a great support for Kourtney in that difficult moment. Since then they have seen each other sporadically, but we could say that they are a couple since April. On May 5, they celebrate together the birthday of him with a romantic dinner. The mom of three wants to forget Scott Disick, 34, who was never faithful to her.

A special night

On the night of May 5, Kourtney and Younes celebrated his birthday. They dined at "Il Cielo" restaurant, and they stayed there for three hours. They showed their affection for each other, all the time. Then, they went to his house and spent the night together.

Sources close to the reality star say that she likes the model very much and she always tries to see him when she is not busy with her children. For the moment, they have a good time together and take their time to know each other.

Kourtney comes from ending a complicated relationship with Scott, so she does not want a formal relationship right now

How did Scott react?

Scott does not like that Kourtney is meeting another man, although everyone knows that he is dating other women. Scott prefers to ignore the romances his ex-girlfriend might have, now that she's single.

The businessman still loves her and becomes jealous when she goes out with other men.

Although Scott and Kourtney are separated, he remains part of the Kardashian family. He has a double personality: on the one hand, wants the best for his children, but on the other, he does not stop drinking alcohol and partying every night, which is not compatible with fatherhood.

Kourtney is very different from Scott; she is a healthy girl because she is vegetarian, drinks water only and goes to the gym every day. These differences between them destroyed their relationship. From now on, what matters most to both is the welfare of their kids, and they do not suffer the separation of their parents.

That will be very difficult for Kourtney and Scott since they are part of "Keeping up with the Kardashians", the most watched reality show in the world. Kourtney said many times that she would like to be an anonymous person, to avoid the harassment of the press that is now suffering.