Sky Sports presenter and former "Strictly Come Dancing" star Kirsty Gallacher was arrested last night for drunk driving. The star was incredibly shocked at her arrest, as she did not know that she was over the legal limit. Gallacher will be facing a trial later in September and is very worried about the consequences that she will be facing.

Arrested on one count of drunk driving

According to the Daily Mail, Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher has been charged with drunk driving as she was over the legal limit. Gallacher was going to collect her children at the time from her ex-husband when police stopped her.

The star failed a breathalyzer test at around eleven at night and was immediately detained by policl

In a report by the Independent, a source has claimed that the 41-year-old mother was over the legal drinking limit and has been charged with one count of drunk driving. The star was taken into police custody and was released after being given a court date next month in September.

It has been confirmed by the Thames Valley Police that Gallacher will be appearing in the Slough Magistrates' Court on September 4. As of yet, there has been no further comment about the incident, and fans of the star are wondering what will happen once she appears in court.

Gallacher didn't realize she was over the drinking limit

According to the Mirror, Kirsty Gallacher is incredibly upset over the arrest, as she did not realize that she was over the legal limit. The star had posted photographs on her Instagram account showing her at the pub with a few of her friends, but the star was not seen drinking in any of the pictures.

In a report by the BBC, Kirsty's family and friends did not know what had happened to her, as they were not able to contact her at the time of her arrest. While they knew what Kirsty was being charged with, they could not understand what had happened, especially since her friends had seen her only moments before.

According to The Sun, an unnamed source has claimed that Gallacher is safe and at home at the present time.

The star is still shaken up by her arrest and is taking some time for herself to get over the shock of what happened. Kirsty Gallacher is reportedly extremely worried about the consequences of her arrest and is nervous for her upcoming trial that is scheduled in less than a month.

Kirsty Gallacher was contacted by the Mirror but has refused to make a comment about the incident.