A husband was on his way to help his wife, whose car had overheated on the eastbound side of the 10 Freeway in Montana on Friday. In the meantime, a driver, who authorities believe may have been drunk, crashed into the vehicle. He arrived to find his two children and his mother-in-law dead, along with a Good Samaritan who had stopped to try and help the woman driver.

Woman stops on the freeway with an overheated car

A woman was driving her Honda car on a California freeway on Friday when the engine overheated. She pulled over to the side of the road and called her husband for help, and he was on his way.

As reported by Time, in the meantime a Good Samaritan driving a pickup truck had pulled over to see if he could be of any assistance to the woman driver. Leaving her two young children in the Honda, the driver climbed out of her vehicle and was standing on the side of the road with her mother and talking with the Good Samaritan.

White Nissan truck slams into both pulled-over vehicles

Suddenly a white Nissan truck arrived on the scene and crashed into both vehicles that had been pulled over to the side of the freeway. According to a report by ABC News, the impact was so severe the backseat of the Honda was completely crushed in the impact, instantly killing the two children. The impact also pushed the pickup truck across the highway, killing the driver’s mother and the Good Samaritan who had stopped to help them.

CHP Office Jesus Garcia said the impact was so severe; the back seat had been pushed right into the front seat and officials couldn’t see anything until the vehicles were pulled apart. The vehicles are pictured in the tweet below.

Only the woman driver and the DUI suspect survived the accident

Maria Briseno, the driver of the Honda, survived the crash and was taken to a local hospital, while her mother, 58-year-old Maria Rodriguez died in the crash.

The two children who died were step-siblings and were named as Ailyn Miguel and Isaac Briseno, both 12 years of age. The Good Samaritan’s name has not been released, but the report said that he was a 60-year-old man who lived in Rialto.

Driver facing toxicology tests to establish if he was drunk

Police identified the driver of the white Nissan as 64-year-old Luis Sanchez of Riverside.

Sanchez was detained by police, who were running toxicology tests, but police did find open beer cans in the Nissan the man had been driving and believed he was drunk at the time of the fatal crash. Sanchez reportedly refused to speak with authorities about the incident.