Country legend Willie Nelson was rushed to a local Utah hospital on Sunday after the 84-year-old country legend was forced to cut short his concert at the USANA Amphitheater short when he suddenly began experiencing difficulty breathing. Reports reveal that Willie was very early in his show when he suddenly left the stage shocking during his performance concert goers.

Willie Nelson cuts Utah show short

Nelson fans have been very concerned about the "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" hitmaker for the past several months as he has been plagued with one health issue after the next.

This was very upsetting news for fans as it has been a hard week for country music fans who are still mourning the loss of another country music legend, Glen Campbell. As previously reported, Campbell passed away last week in Nashville at the age of 81 following a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease.

'Still Not Dead' despite rumors

Willie Nelson fans, however, can rest assured once again, despite the numerous death hoax reports over the past months Nelson has revealed that he is feeling much better today. Around 1 a.m. Willie tweeted his worried fans to assure them all was well and apologized for cutting the concert short revealing the "altitude' was to blame and that he was heading for the lower ground.

As previously reported, in May of this year Nelson was yet again the victim of a nasty death hoax rumor. The rumor stated that Willie Nelson had been found dead, and sent millions of fans searching the Internet for Willie Nelson death news and prematurely mourning his death. His latest death hoax news was reported earlier this month when Nelson and Bob Barker both fell victim to the Internet prankster.

Earlier this year after once reading once again that he had "been found dead" Willie responded by laughing it off. The singer, like many other popular celebrities, has grown accustomed to Internet death hoaxes that appear online every couple of months.

Some celebrities are "killed off" online more often than others. Nelson along with big names including Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Jaden Smith and Jon Bon Jovi are getting used to reading of their "alleged deaths" repeatedly every few months or so.

Willie's last death hoax rumor actually worked in his favor bringing more than one million hits to the singer's "Still Not Dead" music video on YouTube.

The video shows a healthy, 84-year-old Nelson enjoying his life to do things his way, singing and smoking while mocking the silliness of the death hoax rumors. So once again fans, Willie Nelson is still not dead, but on his way to his next show.