Tamra Judge is currently on vacation with her family as she just enjoyed a vow renewal with her husband, Eddie Judge. While she’s happy and in love on a tropical beach somewhere, there’s drama brewing at home. One can imagine that her husband wants her to leave the drama alone and just enjoy her time away, but Tamra had to respond when Gretchen Rossi got involved in the drama. It all started when Rossi decided to write a “thank you” message to Sidney for speaking out against her mother.

Gretchen reveals that it was super brave of her to speak out, as Sidney opened up on her Facebook page about her mother’s behavior.

She reveals that she’s glad that Sidney is opening up about Judge’s manipulation so people can see that Rossi isn’t the only person she has hurt over the years. Gretchen also points out that Sidney is helping people for being so brave and inspirational.

Sidney praised for being inspiring

According to a new tweet, Tamra Judge isn’t exactly happy with the way Gretchen is praising her daughter. One can imagine that Judge doesn’t see her daughter’s behavior as inspirational because Judge probably believes that everything her daughter is saying is false. Tamra has previously revealed that Simon has probably influenced a lot of what Sidney is saying, which means fans should take it with a grain of salt.

Sidney may feel that this is Tamra’s way of downplaying the hurt and the pain she has caused her daughter over the years. But Gretchen wants to help Sidney bring attention to what she’s saying, even though she ended up deleting her lengthy Facebook post about her mother.

‘RHOC’ star slams ‘childless’ star

One can imagine that Tamra was furious after reading the Facebook post about her daughter that was written by Gretchen - someone who isn’t exactly a friend of hers. On Instagram, Judge posted a long reply to her former co-star, but then ended up deleting it later on. Someone managed to grab a screenshot of the comment before it was deleted and

In the reply, Tamra Judge slams Gretchen, saying that she doesn’t want to give her the time of day to deal with her opinions.

In addition, Tamra reveals that she wants Rossi to move on with her “sad empty childless life.”

It seems like an unnecessary dig and people have been outrageous at her choice of words. Being childless doesn’t seem to be an issue here. Many people may have taken offense, which is why she chose to delete the post.

What do you think of Tamra Judge’s reply to Gretchen? Can you understand why she’s so angry?