Disney is still pushing forward with "Maleficent 2." Following the announcement of a sequel two years ago, the studio recently hired "Spectre" screenwriter Jez Butterworth to board the project.

Butterworth will rewrite the initial "Maleficent 2" draft written by Linda Woolverton, as first reported on Tracking Board. The latter wrote the screenplay for the first film that starred Angelina Jolie and Woolverton is currently working on Disney's "The Lion King" live-action.

Butterworth has a good working relationship with the studio. He also wrote the screenplay of the Disney "Cruella" live-action take on "101 Dalmatians" that will star Emma Stone.

The scribe’s other credits include writing the screenplay for the James Bond movie “Spectre” and the sci-fi military film “Edge of Tomorrow.” Jez Butterworth also created the upcoming Amazon period series “Britannia,” which is about the Royal Imperial Army in 43AD.

Is Angelina Jolie back in the sequel?

"Maleficent" first screened in theaters in 2014. It featured Jolie in the titular role as the villain of the iconic "Sleeping Beauty" fairy tale. The live-action take, however, showed a different side to her character.

In 2016, The Guardian reported that Angelina Jolie was willing to reprise her role. But ever since she stated that she might do a sequel, the actress has been leaning towards directing for her recent projects.

Speculations are that Jolie could be doing "Maleficent 2" as her final film before shifting to work behind the cameras as a director full-time. While making her 2015 film “By the Sea,” Angelina Jolie told the Director’s Guild of America that she was surprised about how much she loved this line of work.

"I love coming to work in the morning.

What I realized is that I never loved acting,” she said, adding that she felt happier behind the lens than in front of it.

“I don't love being in the hair and makeup chair. I don't [love] being in costume,” Jolie said.

Who else is joining ‘Maleficent 2’?

It is not yet known whether Elle Fanning or Sharlto Copley would be back to do "Maleficent 2." Fanning played Aurora, a.k.a.

Sleeping Beauty, who became Maleficent’s ward in the first movie. Copley played the king who used to be Maleficent's childhood sweetheart.

The first "Maleficent" film grossed over $758 million after a 27-week run at the worldwide box office. It was the fourth highest-earning film in the year of its release.

Robert Stromberg directed the first outing. Disney has not yet announced who will helm the sequel.