Sara Ramirez's departure from "Grey's Anatomy" in season 12 left a lingering question of whether she would reprise her role as Dr. Callie Torres. Following her request to opt out of season 13, producer Shonda Rhimes had nothing but good words for the actress. Recent rumors suggest that she may be returning to the show after the abrupt departure of Dr. Eliza Minnick's (Marika Dominczyk) in last season's final episode.

According to TVLine, executive producer Debbie Allen denied the rumors saying "There are no plans at the moment." Fans are hopeful Sara Ramirez will return after Shonda Rhimes decided not to kill her character.

"We love her and we miss her, [but] there’s been no discussion of it,” Allen added. One of the significant reasons why she should return is her strong connection to Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw). Their relationship and marriage are one of the most compelling story arcs on the show.

Dr. Callie Torres in New York

Ramirez's character ended with her, leaving for New York. Shonda Rhimes couldn't be happier that they shot the scene coincidentally saving the producer of creating Sara a fitting storyline. In an interview with Rhimes prior to the end of "Grey's Anatomy" Season 12 she said: "I had a different plan going and when Sara came and said, ‘I really need to take this break,’ I was sort of lucky that we had shot the end of the season with her going to New York.”

Shonda Rhimes added that Ramirez will always have a home at Shondaland.

Did she mean "Grey's Anatomy?" or a different Shondaland series? Whatever she meant by it, Dr. Torres and Dr. Robbins' has an unfinished story that needs to be continued at one point during the season. Callie and Arizona have one daughter named Sophia Robbins whose character story indicates, she went with Callie in New York.

New and returning cast

Meanwhile, the all new "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 will premiere a 2-hour episode that will feature the story of Dr. Eliza Minnick at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The new season will also include brand new characters like Dr. Carina DeLuca (Stefania Spampinato), Dr. Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer), Dr. Paul Stadler (Matthew Morrison), and Jaina Lee Ortiz for a current unspecified starring role in the series.

Kim Raver will also return to "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 reprising her role as Dr. Teddy Altman. She will play a major role in the discovery of Dr. Owen Hunt's (Kevin McKidd) sister Megan.