Beauty and fashion symbol, Kim Kardashian received a lot of backlash after taking to her social media to discuss forgiving people of their racist pasts, specifically Jeffree Star.

Jeffree Star’s “racist past” had been brought to light after he began feuding with a well-known beauty vlogger via twitter. Upset fans dug up his past and spread the word quicker than wildfire. Relating to having people judge her for past mistakes, Kim Kardashian decided to ask fans to forgive Star for his past mistakes publicly. However, her message had an adverse effect.

Kim Kardashian encourages fans to forgive

While filming herself on a live video, the reality television star addressed forgiving Jeffree Stars problematic past. “You guys are petty bringing up things in his past where he, you know was, you know.. negative”, said Kardashian. She then went on to further defend Stars racist actions. “I get it’s a serious deal to say racist things but, I do believe in people changing and people that apologize. I will give them the benefit of the doubt..” the beauty entrepreneur expressed.

Kim receives major backlash

After receiving such significant backlash, Kardashian expressed herself once again through social media to express her sincerest apologies. “I wanted to apologize for defending a situation yesterday that I really didn’t know enough about,” Kardashian expressed.

Previously, Kim Kardashian debuted a makeup line called “KKW Beauty” and held a private launch party where the guest list consisted of a majority of popular makeup vloggers. Jeffree Star was included on the list of invites and later went on to do a brutally, honest review of the makeup line.

Jeffree Star's problematic history

Jeffree Star is known for having a conflict with other makeup vloggers and hashing it out over social media. One of Stars well-known battles occurred just last year when he and a makeup vlogger of color, known as “Makeupshayla” went back forth on social media over an alleged rude comment. This conflict led to the discovery of Stars “racist past.” Videos were found of him even imitating stereotypes of black women.

The beauty entrepreneur spouted many foul remarks on Twitter and Snapchat and threatened to harm her physically. More recently, Jeffree Star verbally attacked yet another makeup vlogger of color known as Jackie Aina. Aina released an “Anti-Haul” video where she simply informs viewers of products that aren’t worth the splurge, and she happened to mention of his products in the video from his line of “Jeffree Star Cosmetics.” Star took offense and began to verbally attack via twitter, mentioning that she was an “irrelevant rat”.

Kim Kardashian’s fan reluctance to apologize certainly doesn’t come without various reasons. Jeffree Star’s racist past doesn’t seem so far away.