Keeping Up With The Kardashians” reality star Kim Kardashian defended a make-up artist after being bashed for making racist comments and using Racial Slurs. However, the mother-of-two took it back and apologized for trying to defend the make-up artist.

The make-up artist was identified as Jeffree Star, who is one of those working with the reality star for her cosmetics empire. Allegedly, Star made racial comments and used racial slurs a number of times in front of a camera.

Fans of Kardashian brought the racism issue up after he took to Twitter to criticize the new powder contour kits she revealed on Snapchat.

Many then defended Kardashian and bombarded Star regarding the time he made racial comments and used racial slurs. Kardashian then told her fans they were being petty over something Star did and said in the past, ABC News reported. She also told her fans that Star already apologized for those things he did and although racism is a serious deal, she believes people change.

Kardashian apologizes for defending Star

According to People, after Kardashian defended 31-year-old star, she received backlash from a lot of people on the internet. She took to Snapchat to say sorry for defending a situation that she did not know enough about. She noted she felt a bit naive and really wants to apologize for feeling like she “had the right to say ‘get over it’” regarding a situation that involved racism.

Kardashian said she wanted her fans to quit bombarding Stars with negative comments because she does not want to see negativity in her timeline or her mentions. She encouraged everyone to move forward and be positive.

Kardashian tells fans to be better, do better

The reality star also said in her Snapchat video that she always had hopes that people can change to be and do better.

She added that she believes in people changing and being better and she will never give that belief up.

Fans, haters react

Many took to Twitter to say that Kardashian should not be naive at all when it comes to racism since she has a black husband, rapper Kanye West, and two mixed kids, North and Saint West.

Another Twitter user greeted everyone a good morning except to Kardashian, who defended Star days after one woman was killed and 19 others were injured during a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.

One more Twitter user said that racism is not petty but it is wrong. She said Kardashian’s choice of words in her video was poor and of bad timing, still in reference to the Charlottesville rally that turned deadly.