The legendary Hugh Hefner is dead. The "Playboy" founder died on Wednesday, September 27 at the age of 91. It was revealed that he died of natural causes while at his house and surrounded by loved ones. But an official statement as to the real cause of his death is yet to released by the family.

Hugh’s son from his second marriage, Cooper Hefner, made the announcement in a statement he has released. In his statement, he described the life of his father as “exceptional and impactful.” He continued that his dad, Hugh Hefner, will be missed by everyone at "Playboy," his children (himself, Christie, David, and Marston) and of course by his wife, Crystal Harris.

Crystal Harris was the third wife of Hugh. They wed on New Year's Eve at the Playboy Mansion in December 2012. Before Harris, Hugh was previously married to Millie Williams (1949-59) and Kimberley Conrad (1989-2010).

Playboy founder will be buried next to Monroe

Hours after the announcement, several news outlets reported about Hugh’s death including "Us Weekly" magazine.

"Us Weekly" magazine reported a lot of news about his death, his life and the people related to him. As reported, the founder of "Playboy," Hugh Hefner, 91, will be buried next to Marilyn Monroe. His dead body will be laid to rest at Westwood Village Memorial Park in Los Angeles.

Marilyn and Hugh had a special connection in the past.

Marilyn became a part of the success of Hugh’s "Playboy" magazine in 1953. Playboy was launched in Chicago.

And it was December of 1953 when the first issue of "Playboy" came out. It was different than anything ever seen before—a magazine issue that showed off nude photos of Marilyn Monroe.

Monroe died in 1962 at the age of 36.

Other stars who were buried at the same memorial park were Truman Capote, Natalie Wood, and Farrah Fawcett.

Kendra Wilkinson, Kim Kardashian, Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy paid tribute to the late Hefner

Hugh Hefner had a great impact on so many people’s lives while he was still alive. He didn’t only make "Playboy" become one of the greatest American global brands as an entrepreneur and innovator, but he was also legendary in his humanitarian and charity works.

A lot of ordinary people, as well as celebrities, loved Hugh. Especially to those who became part of "Playboy," he was a great man. Following his death on Wednesday, some of the "Playboy" models offered tribute on their respective social media accounts.

Kendra Wilkinson, former "Playboy" model and one of Hefner’s girlfriends during his time of "The Girls Next Door," has spoken her tribute in a statement to "Us Weekly." As she spoke, it was understood that Hugh Hefner was a very important person to her. She said that Hefner changed her life and made her the person she is today. She is forever grateful to the man behind "Playboy" and to their friendship.

Kim Kardashian, Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy, who were also models of "Playboy," expressed their hearts as well.

Kim Kardashian said she was honored to be part of the "Playboy" team. Carmen Electra, on the other hand, thanked Hefner for the opportunity that was given to her in the magical world of "Playboy."

Meanwhile, Jenny McCarthy, who appeared on six covers of Playboy Magazine, tweeted “RIP Hef,” and she is grateful on how Hugh Hefner changed her life and those of others.

“I hope I made [Hugh Hefner] proud,” she added.