Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are officially back together. Rumors sparked when the pair were seen hanging out together a lot over the past few weeks and in a recent interview with the Hollywood Gossip, Perry confirmed that there is a special someone back in her life. Fans are delighted for the Hollywood couple and are hoping that this time around they will work through their problems rather than break up.

The couple were seen on a date together recently

According to the Daily Mail, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted attending an Ed Sheeran concert together recently.

The pair arrived together on Bloom's motorbike before they entered the venue to attend the show. This immediately sparked rumors that the pair were back together though neither of them commented on this at the time.

In a report by the Hollywood Gossip, an individual who was present at the concert stated that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were very affectionate with one another. They stated that the pair were cuddling and kissing throughout the concert and that Perry sat on Bloom's lap for the entirety of the night.

In a report by Page Six, after the concert, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom also attended a birthday party in Malibu together where they joined several other celebrities. The pair were then spotted heading back to Katy Perry's home in Malibu where they got to spend some personal time with one another.

Fans have been freaking out about the reunion of the couple and have taken to social media to celebrate the fact that they are back together. Perry and Bloom are a fan favorite celebrity couple and fans are delighted to see them back together again.

Katy Perry has confirmed that she is seeing Orlando Bloom

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Katy Perry has confirmed that her relationship with Orlando Bloom is back on.

The singer was asked about her potential relationship with her ex in an interview with the Hollywood Gossip. Katy replied that there are certain people who are in and out of your life throughout your lifetime.

The star tried to be coy about her reignited relationship with Bloom but fans are convinced that she was talking about her old flame.

Perry went on to say that it is nice for her to be able to keep people she loves around her and has stated that when one gets older the lines tend to blur.

According to the Mirror, a source close to Katy Perry has come forward and stated that the singer has recently reignited a relationship but did not confirm with whom. They went on to claim that Perry is extremely happy and is dedicated to seeing the relationship work out the second time around.

Orlando Bloom has not commented on the photographs of him and Perry attending the concert and it appears that he is leaving it to Perry to talk to the media.