Kailyn Lowry has been sharing her struggles over the past couple of days, as she wants to find a name for her third baby. The "Teen Mom 2" star has brainstormed to find a name for months, but she hasn't been able to settle on a name. Lowry has received a long list of names from fans and even her two sons, but Kailyn hasn't settled on a name. Since the baby has been born, she's merely called him Baby Lo. Many fans believe that this is cute and she should just stick with it.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she has been thinking about calling the baby Lo.

She wanted something interesting and unique, but she wanted something that people could pronounce. She wanted it to be different, but not too different. Lo may not be a name that she had thought of before, but fans think it's a great idea.

Is Milo his name?

Of course, Kailyn Lowry has been calling her baby Lo for months, but fans think she should use this name as a nickname. Since she has already called him Lo, fans believe she should name the baby Milo and just use Lo as a nickname. This is something Kailyn has already thought of, as the baby's name would then be Milo Lowry. He is almost three weeks old and he still hasn't been named.

However, it sounds like Chris Lopez is not a fan of the name Milo.

Kailyn reveals that she has brought up the name conversation with him, but he doesn't like the name. One can imagine he has come up with some name options himself, but she has shut them down. She is very particular about what she wants and he may not realize just how picky she is with names. This could be why he's still nameless.

Chris playing a bigger role than expected

When Kailyn Lowry announced her pregnancy, she revealed that she would be a single mother. She would be doing this entire parenting thing on her own, as the baby's biological father did not want to be involved. Chris supposedly just got her pregnant.

While Lowry revealed that she got pregnant on purpose, it sounds like Lopez didn't realize that she wanted another child and he was the chosen sperm donor.

But now that the baby is here, perhaps Chris is changing his mind about being involved. He was present for the birth at the hospital and one can imagine he wants to play a role in the future. As for Kailyn, it doesn't sound like he will try to make their relationship work.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry considering the name Milo for her son? Are you surprised that Chris doesn't want that name?