"Fifth Harmony" recently released their third album, which is the first the girls have created without former band member Camila Cabello. The album is self-titled and fans are already praising the girls work. It is clear that "Fifth Harmony" works more efficiently now that Cabello has gone and it appears that they have found a new balance and style in their new four-woman band.

The band has dropped their first album as a four-woman act

According to Hollywood Life, "Fifth Harmony" has recently released their first album without their former band member Camila Cabello.

Their third album is self-titled and fans are confident that there are some songs throughout their new album that is directed at their former band member Cabello.

A song titled "Bridges" appears to be referring to the fact that Cabello up and left the band without telling any of the other girls that she was planning on leaving. It refers to the fact that the women stand together and they do not plan to separate. As if this was not enough proof that "Fifth Harmony" are still bitter about the way things ended with Cabello they also released a song, which talked about how every action has a reaction.

While the girls have not confirmed that they are talking about Cabello in the songs, it is quite evident that they are targeting their former band member.

In an interview with Hollywood Life, the girls stated that they are very proud of the work that they have put into their album.

They stated that they are very proud and that their album has a significant meaning for them as a band. They claimed that they could not wait for their fans to hear the new music that they have been working on and stated that they are so grateful for each other every day.

The girls opened up about how they carried on without Cabello

According to Newsweek, "Fifth Harmony" has opened up about what it is like performing as a band without their former band member Camila Cabello. The girls have stated that they are a much more cohesive unit since Cabello left and that they find the process of creating new songs together much easier.

They stated that since Cabello sang most of the lines for their first two albums that it was nice to be able to feature some of their voices on their tracks. "Fifth Harmony" has claimed that for them it is not about who gets to sing the leads but rather about representing themselves as artists.

They also revealed that their song "Bridges" is about love, positivity, and stopping oneself from making the same mistakes and repeating history. Fans noticed this during the interview and are certain that the girls are making a dig at Cabello.

"Fifth Harmony" has managed to release a high-quality album and it appears that they do not need Camila Cabello anymore.