Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper are no longer friends despite him saying that they remain as good friends. The comedienne said she ended her friendship with her former CNN co-anchor because it took him months before he reached out to the comedienne over the controversial President Donald Trump photo.

The photo of Griffin showed her holding a bloody head of the president and Cooper was one of those who denounced the leaked snap. The two have hosted CNN’s New Year’s Ever broadcast since 2007 but because of the controversial photo that Griffin is linked to, she was removed.

Cooper and Griffin have been friends for almost 20 years.

Cooper reached out four months after

After Griffin found herself in hot water regarding the bloodied Trump head photo, Cooper reached out to his friend four months later. Cooper took to Twitter to say that he is “appalled by the photo shoot Kathy Griffin took part in” during that time. He added that the photo is both disgusting and inappropriate, The New York Daily News reported.

Griffin pointed out that she did understand where Cooper was coming from but she wished that he let her know first that he was going to tweet about it or he should have talked to her in any way before the thing blew up. She said that Cooper only asked about how she was in August.

Aside from him, celebrities like Debra Messing and Chelsea Clinton slammed Griffin for posing for such photo shoot.

Cooper maintains they are still friends

During the July 26 appearance of Cooper on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” he said that he and Griffin remain friends despite the fact that he never talked to her in the past four months.

Griffin said it was what hurt her the most and was one of the reasons why she ended her friendship with Cooper, Huffington Post shared.

During Cooper’s appearance on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” he noted that although what Griffin did was inappropriate, he still is her friend. He added that he still wishes her the best and hopes that she bounces back.

Griffin suffering from lost gigs due to scandalous photo

Due to the controversial snap of Griffin holding the fake and bloodied head of the president, she lost a lot of sponsors and hosting gigs. She lost the CNN New Year’s Ever broadcast and no longer pushed through with her prior appearances. Although she has lost a lot of work from the incident, she said she will still make jokes about the president.

She is set to start her Laugh Your Head Off tour, which will have legs in Australian, Europe, and New Zealand.