Chelsea DeBoer is currently busy planning her upcoming reception for her wedding to Cole DeBoer. The two tied the knot last year but since she was pregnant, the two revealed that they would have a party the following summer, which would be this year. One can imagine she's busy with her life and planning the reception, so she doesn't have time to do any fun things. This week, many of her "Teen Mom 2" co-stars showed up at the VMAs but Chelsea was nowhere to be found. Fans wondered why she chose to Stay At Home. Of course, she could stay at home to care for Watson Cole, but Jenelle Evans who gave birth to Ensley around the same time was present at the award show.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer is now revealing that she doesn't go to award shows because she doesn't feel comfortable. Of course, DeBoer rarely does anything related to award shows or publicity as she seems like the kind of person who feels much more comfortable at home with herself and her children. Kailyn Lowry didn't attend either and her absence is probably due to her little baby boy. She gave birth not too long ago and she's at home caring for her baby.

No publicity

Fans quickly realized that Chelsea DeBoer was missing from the red carpet. Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans went to the event and took pictures on the red carpet. They were excited about celebrating the winners and watch some cool concerts.

But it sounds like Chelsea didn't go to the show because she experiences a high level of anxiety. When one fan reached out to her about being absent from the event, she revealed that her anxiety would get in the way and she doesn't feel secure about going.

This could explain why she never attends these things and why she and Cole don't go to shows, where they have to stop on the red carpet for pictures.

Chelsea DeBoer even feels odd filming the reunion shows at times, as she has to talk about her life.

Could be leaving 'Teen Mom 2'

These days, it sounds like Chelsea is thinking about her role on "Teen Mom 2." She recently freaked out after seeing how MTV was editing scenes that didn't play out the way on television as they had done in real life.

She was upset at the producers for making scenes more dramatic than they were in real life and she sounded like she was done trusting producers with the footage from her life.

What do you think about Chelsea DeBoer's comments that she doesn't like being at these large events? Are you surprised that she has anxiety over it?