Gary Shirley has been a very protective father of little Leah, as his ex-girlfriend Amber Portwood has struggled over the past couple of years. Gary has revealed that he feels like he needs to take care of Leah a little bit more, as Amber has struggled with depression, anxiety, and even anger management. It didn't help her when she learned that her ex-boyfriend Matt Baier had been keeping secrets from her. Gary decided to do some digging on "Teen Mom OG" and he learned that Amber's then-boyfriend has more children than he had told her. She was furious that Shirley had brought it up to her on the show because she felt he was trying to make Matt look bad.

However, Amber has now broken up with Matt and she's already in a new relationship.

According to a new report, Gary Shirley is now speaking out about how he feels about Amber's decision to move on so quickly. He reveals that he's happy for his ex-girlfriend that she has found love, and it may be happy that Matt is no longer in the picture. Of course, Amber is very happy with her new boyfriend Andrew and she recently went public with their relationship.

Moving too fast

As for Gary Shirley, he believes that the romance is great for Amber. She finally has a man that she doesn't have to worry about. Plus, she can focus on her business and not worry about someone using her for fame and attention. When Gary was recently asked about Amber's relationship, it sounds like he had encouraging words to say.

"So far it's good I think,” he told US Weekly when asked about Amber's new relationship, adding, "I think she should have waited a little bit and really felt it out, but that's OK."

Of course, many people feel that Amber has moved quickly when it comes to her new romance. She broke up with Matt when they wrapped filming, but she quickly jumped into a new relationship with one of the crew members from "Marriage Boot Camp."

Concerned for his daughter?

One can imagine that Gary Shirley is concerned for his daughter, as she has to meet all of Amber's boyfriends.

No word on whether she has met Andrew yet as they are in a long-distance relationship. It sounds like Portwood likes to take it slow, as she wants to do this right. It sounds like she's ready to find the one and Andrew may be the guy, as he doesn't seem to care about the fame.

What do you think about Gary Shirley's comments about Amber moving fast? Do you think she's being too aggressive in her dating and he should be concerned for his daughter?