Say what you will about Steven Assanti of "My 600-lb Life," but the boy does have chutzpah. The 850-lb painkiller addict was the scourge of TLC's Reality TV show. But since getting ejected from the show for weight loss failure and a rotten attitude, Assanti seems to be getting it together. He claims on Facebook to have gotten clean from his opioid drug addiction and is sharing diet recipes with his fans. Assanti even hints at a return to TLC. Will this new Steven last or is the bully of the bariatric surgery ward just biding his time?

Steven Assanti's problems run deep

The Rhode Island man came to "My 600-lb Life" with raging addictions to oxycodone, pizza and harassing people. He was an out-of-control control freak who terrorized gastric bypass surgery staff on the Megalomedia show. Of all the annoying bullies that reality television program has featured, Steven Assanti was the most disliked. He blamed everyone, took no responsibility for his obesity, flouted the rules, and thwarted Dr. Younan Nowzaradan at every turn.

Steven Assanti makes many enemies, few friends

Everywhere Steven John Assanti went, trouble followed. He was kicked out of two bariatric surgery programs and off "My 600-lb Life" But to hear him tell it, he was the victim.

The 33-year-old accused Dr. Now and TLC of exploiting him even though he seems to have received gastric bypass surgery after all. Steven made bizarre claims on Facebook and Twitter and Youtube which he would then contradict.

Steven Assanti fubars his own success

The "My 600-lb Life" reality TV star's notorious rants earned a Facebook group devoted to exposing his chicanery.

Show Dr. Nowzaradan identified Assanti's chief problem as addiction to hydrocodone (Vicodin and Tramadol, etc.) But other issues derailed weight loss too. Self-pity and a bullying habit made him resistant to change. That "innocent" pizza craving was lurking death. Obesity, addiction, and attitude went hand in hand but so did healing, beginning with drug rehab.

Steven Assanti serves up weight loss recipes

Not everyone believes Steven's claims to have beat the opioid drugs. But the proof is in his healthier choices. Assanti has been sharing diet recipes and weight loss tips on his Facebook page. They aren't quite as healthy as a morbidly obese man should be eating. But they're a big improvement on the junk food. Furthermore, it takes time to reverse decades of poor eating habits. The "My 600-lb Life" celebrity seems to be on the mend from obesity. He promises to tell all in his TLC update.