Kailyn Lowry of "Teen Mom 2" may not get her happily ever after with her baby daddy, chris lopez. The reality TV star was initially nervous about revealing his identity to the general public, especially because she knew he might not be involved in the child's life at all. It was rumored that after letting the media know who fathered her child, Chris went off the radar and stopped speaking to Kail completely. At one point, she even joked he couldn't find him at all and it was rumored that she had been blocked from his phone. She stated that he could show up to the birth if he wanted to and she hoped he would.

And after a very short labor, she was pleasantly surprised that he actually showed up to his child's birth.

It was going well at first

According to several sources, Chris Lopez actually had been stepping up to help take care of Baby Lo. He was doing so well that Kail revealed to Radar Online that she wasn't even worried about making an official custody agreement with him. She stated that he had been showing up when she needed him and that were getting along, despite their rocky past. And not only had he showed up at the birth, but he was there to help escort Kail and the new baby home. An insider revealed to Hollywood Life that Kailyn is still very much attracted to him, but she needs to put her feelings about him aside because the pair is not likely to reunite any time soon in a romantic fashion.

Instead, Kail is pushing for the pair to have a successful co-parenting relationship.

Chris flakes out on Kail and Baby Lo

An insider revealed to Hollywood Life that Kailyn was really happy with Chris' behavior in the beginning, but now the new father has started to let her down.

"It’s one thing if he dips in and out of her life, but it’s not OK to do that to a child.

Right now she’s one step away from cutting Chris out of her life completely, as she can’t help thinking that having no father is better than having one who constantly upsets, hurts, and bails on his child," the insider told the tabloid.

Kailyn has successful co-parenting relationships with her exes Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin who fathered her older two children.

Although Kailyn hasn't always gotten along with them, she's been able to set her feelings aside for the best interests of her children, Isaac, 7, and Lincoln, 3. The single mom has always been fiercely independent, and it seems she is relying on herself to be both the mother and father to Baby Lo if Chris continues this behavior.