Kailyn Lowry from "Teen Mom 2" has recently given birth to her third child by the third man in her life. Over the past couple of months, Kailyn has received plenty of backlash for choosing to get pregnant so shortly after divorcing her husband, Javi Marroquin.

But as Lowry has described on her personal website, she chose to get pregnant because her doctor told her that this would be the only time she could have another baby. Rather than wait, Kailyn decided that this would be the time to have another baby and she went for it. She is currently taking care of this baby alone as the biological father, Chris Lopez, wants nothing to do with the MTV show.

Of course, many people have criticized her for getting pregnant and wanting to do this by herself, but some people are looking at her life in a bigger perspective. They believed that the "Teen Mom 2" show is responsible for ruining several lives. This includes the life of Lowry herself, the life of her ex-husband, and now the life of her three sons. In addition to that, fans believe that Kailyn's ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera, is also tainted by the fame as he also receives plenty of backlash from fans of the show.

Did the show ruin several lives?

All of this surfaced when Kailyn Lowry decided to tweet that she only told Jo about the pregnancy so she could get his help in regards to their son Isaac.

She revealed that she still wanted Isaac to see her ex-husband, but she didn't feel that he would be stable enough around her after learning about the pregnancy. She, therefore, asked for Jo's help as Jo and Javi are on neutral terms. This caused one fan to reach out about their lives being ruined and surprisingly, Kailyn agreed with her to a certain extent.

Money is probably keeping her in the spotlight

Of course, Kailyn is now financially secure because of her work with MTV and she can take time off to spend with her newborn son.

If it wasn't for the show, one has to wonder if Kailyn would even have gone to school and completed her degree. In addition to that, one has to wonder if her divorce would ever have happened and if she would have been able to buy a house in Delaware if it wasn’t for the show. So when Kailyn writes that the show has ruined her life to a certain extent, she may be able to see more pros than cons.

In the tweet from the fan, the fan also suggested that they should all get out of the show before it ruins even more of their lives. She didn't reply to this specifically, but one can imagine she will continue to film the show as long as possible for the money sake.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry’s fan tweeting about the show possibly ruining her life to some extent? Do you think follower has a point about the show ruining their lives?