Justin Bieber was involved in an accident with a photographer recently and it has been confirmed that the singer will not be facing any charges from the accident. Bieber was surrounded by the paparazzi when the incident occurred and he accidentally hit Maurice with his jeep. The photographer was not seriously injured and the authorities have expressed that Bieber has not broken any laws.

The singer hit a photographer with his jeep

According to the Daily Mail, Justin Bieber was involved in an accident with a photographer recently in Los Angeles. The celebrity was leaving a church service in the Hillsong Church when he was surrounded by paparazzi.

Justin Bieber was driving his jeep at the time and accidentally hit a photographer with the vehicle.

Bieber immediately got out of the vehicle and went to check on the man who turned out to be a 57-year-old man. Bieber waited until the emergency services had been contacted and the man was taken to the hospital before leaving the scene. The man did not suffer any serious injuries and was in the hospital for observation for a few days.

According to Page Six, Bieber took to social media after the events of the incident and stated that while he was grateful for his fans that he wanted both his life and career to be sustainable. While he did not refer directly to the accident with the photographer, it is clear that Bieber was talking about this incident.

The celebrity will not be charged for the accident

According to the Daily Mail, the authorities who arrived at the scene of the accident have stated that they would not recommend any legal action against the singer. Police have stated that Justin Bieber was extremely cooperative at the scene of the accident and stayed until he was cleared to leave.

Lieutenant Elisabeth Albanese has made a statement about the accident and stated that neither the man involved nor Justin Bieber had violated any laws. She has made it clear that no citations against either of the men will be issued. According to a report by TMZ, the authorities have stated that Bieber did not intend to harm anyone and has been cleared of any charges.

In a report by the Daily Mail, the photographer Maurice has stated that he will not be filing charges against Bieber. The photographer explained that it was an accident and that Justin Bieber was very helpful towards him when he collided with the vehicle.

Justin Bieber has made no official comment about the incident apart from the post he made directed at the safety of both he and his fans. As for Maurice, he has merely commented that Bieber is a good kid and that he does not intend on seeking compensation for the accident.