Poor Collin Gosselin had to miss his birthday party for the second year in a row, thanks to mother Kate Gosselin. The mom of "Kate Plus 8" uninvited her 13-year-old son who has been estranged from the family and living in a behavior management facility--against his father Jon Gosselin's wishes. The mega-mom defends excluding him from the reality TV bash saying the attention is bad for him. Being in the limelight seems to be very good for Kate, however. Does Collin really have anger issues or is mom punishing the squeaky wheel?

Kate Gosselin sends Collin away for good?

After the acrimonious divorce between the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" Gosselin parents, Kate suddenly decided that one of her sextuplets, Collin had "anger issues" by which she meant the 11-year-old challenging her authority. This was news to dad who was neither consulted nor informed when the celebrity mom shipped the boy off to a "special school."

Turns out this was Kate's euphemism for psych hospital/ juvenile detention center. It wasn't a regular boarding school as they don't take high-risk kids. And special needs schools rarely board students. The Reality TV mum sent him away in 2015 and Collin has been absent since.

No confirmation of Collin Gosselin's "anger issues"

The only person who has ever mentioned Collin's problems is his mom. Folks have just taken her word for his emotional health issues. Does Collin Gosselin struggle with anger or is he the square peg that doesn't fit? Or, is he merely a normal tween, questioning his parents?

In her own way, Kate runs an even tighter ship than the Duggar family of TLC "19 Kids and Counting" and "Counting On." Kate doesn't seem like someone who would welcome a boat rocker.

Problem child mars "Kate Plus 8" image?

"Kate Plus 8" is supposed to showcase a "Super Mom" singlehandedly juggling sextuplets and twins, not an inept mother who can't even parent a normal teenager. Collin doesn't fit just as Jon Gosselin didn't. It's funny how Ms. Gosselin tries to impress as a beleaguered single mom doing it all alone.

Yet her ex has complained that she (against terms of custody) keeps the children from him and won't let him be involved in their lives or decisions regarding them.

Kate Gosselin claims Collin is better off TV

A new episode of "Kate Plus 8" showed the sextuplets enjoying another birthday party without one of their own. As usual, it was a big blowout, Kate Gosselin style. Apparently, she's now a child psychology expert too.

Mom was quick to defend Collin's absence as medically necessary. Despite little contact and no appearances by him on the reality TV show, she knows that media attention sets off his problems.

A source confirmed that Collin is happier but is that because he's off TV or away from home? Ex-fans of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" didn't miss the hypocrisy of Kate milking TLC for income, exploiting the other kids while blaming reality television for causing her boy's problems.