Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo have married for nine months already, and the couple has not revealed any pregnancy news to their families and their fans. Except for some hints, nothing has been heard about the couple’s plan for their future children on “Counting On” and even on social media.

There is a higher power deciding on Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo's future kids

But for those that follow the couple intentionally, they may know who decides for the couple’s future children. In a report from Christian Post, it was mentioned from its source that Jinger and Jeremy are waiting for the decision of the Higher Power.

Jinger Duggar’s husband is an ordained pastor of Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas.

She has been raised as a believer in Jesus by her parents. The couple believes that there is a God who wills every person’s destiny and that includes children.

The couple that walked the altar to say “I do” in November 2016 has purchased their new house with four bedrooms and two bathrooms built around 1998 according to the above source. With their new home come speculations that Jinger is already expecting a baby. Jana Duggar mentioned that she would help in decorating the nursery fired up conclusions that indeed the Vuolos are pregnant.

Until the couple confirms any pregnancy, it remains as a speculation. Jinger and Jeremy are not in any way bothered about the baby thing because they are waiting for the right time as willed by God.

For now, the couple is busy in the church that Jeremy pastors and house decorating. Jana Duggar is helping her younger sister plan out her new home.

Jeremy revealed on their website, The Vuolos, that he met Jinger through Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald. Jeremy has been visiting Ben and Jessa in Arkansas, and there he met his now wife, Jinger.

Together they served in the ministry until the former soccer professional player started a courtship with her. Theirs was a whirlwind romance.

How Jinger met Jeremy

They met in 2015 and before the year ended Jeremy told Jim Bob Duggar of his intention to start a courtship with his daughter. Their courtship started on June 21, 2016, got engaged in July and got married in November.

Jinger and Jeremy setted in Texas after their Australian and New Zealand honeymoon. They were the only couple that lives far from the Duggar home. Despite their distance, their appearance in “Counting On” continues. It will premiere its new season on September 11, 2017.