Cody Nickson served his time in the “Big Brother” house and he came away a bitter man. The single father and military veteran lost all chances of winning the $500,000 “Big Brother” grand prize after his eviction from the game, but he did find love with his “BB19” showmance, Jessica Graf. Now, Nickson says that while he has opened his heart to a marriage proposal to Jessica, he has had a change of heart about one of the players he once most respected in the “Big Brother” game.

Cody has no respect for this strong female player

Cody told Parade magazine he lost “a lot of respect” for Alex Ow, whom he previously considered one of the top players in the “Big Brother” game.

Cody said Alex lost his respect when she joined the rest of the group “to enjoy the safe game.” Nickson also took issue with the fact that Alex insulted Jessica right to his face. “I couldn’t stand for that,” he said. “I don’t respect her the way I did before.”

Cody Nickson’s change of tune regarding Alex Ow comes after an interesting dynamic between the two. Earlier this season, Alex called Cody out for his showmance with Jessica and told him he should sign up for “The Bachelor” instead of “Big Brother.” Alex also revealed that she is there to play the “Big Brother” game and that showmances would be at the top of her hit list. Nickson later admitted that he had immense respect for Alex even though his showmance scenario was one of her top targets.

At one point he even threw the Power of Veto competition to Ow, and in his biggest ‘Big Brother” faux pas, he once called Jessica “Alex” when he was snuggling in bed with her.

Nickson’s backlash against the house

But that was then, this is now. Minutes before Cody Nickson’s eviction was announced, he decided to stir the pot by making up a bunch of game moves.

Nickson made up boldfaced lies about Alex and fellow houseguest Jason with the hope of getting Paul Abrahamian’s followers to implode. It didn’t work—most of the houseguests saw through the lies—but it was a great way for Cody to go out, especially during Alex Ow’s Head of Household reign. Nickson told TV Guide he thinks the other houseguests are all afraid of Paul Abrahamian’s social media followers (he has a lot of them) coming after them outside of the “Big Brother” house.

This is clearly not the “Big Brother" that made its debut 17 years ago.

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