Jill Duggar and husband, derick dillard, are in hot water again after soliciting money from fans. The duo is reportedly asking for donations from their followers to continue their missionary works in Arkansas.

Jill and Derick ask fans for money

Jill and Derick are determined to continue their ministry. Since the couple needs funding, Derick turned to their fans for monetary assistance, Cafe Mom reported.

Derick Dillard shared a post on Twitter calling their followers to support Cross Church School of Ministry (CSSM).

According to Jill Duggar's husband, his donation goal is $6,500. The funds will help him fulfill a specific calling to the ministry this year which includes trips for the advancement of the Gospel and humanitarian works in Northwest Arkansas, North America and abroad.

Jill Duggar's husband stressed that CCSM will be an asset to his vocational ministry and will help him advance his personal development. According to Derick Dillard, every donation counts as it will be used to help others.

However, the Duggars' fans were not pleased with his move. A number commented on his post on Twitter questioning him why he can't use his earnings from TLC. Another follower discouraged others from donating while calling them "beggars." Meanwhile, some others fired back at Derick and encouraged him to get a job to support his family.

Jill and Derick appeared on various reality shows on TLC involving the Duggars. Jill, in particular, reportedly makes $25,000 per episode of "Counting On." Meanwhile, Derick is assumed to have his own paycheck as a cast member as well.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have been asking their fans and supporters for monetary funds for their ministry.

This is not the first time the couple did this. Jill and Derick were criticized when they did this the first time, but they did it again.

Jill and Derick were reportedly fired from SOS Ministry

Jill and Derick used to live in El Salvador for another ministry called SOS Ministries. There were rumors that the couple was fired from the SOS Ministries due to various reasons.

First, Derick and Jill struggled to learn Spanish, which is the local dialect in the country. Second, SOS Ministries was reportedly not pleased hearing the couple's story describing the place as unsafe and a scary place to live in. The group felt that the bad descriptions Derick and Jill said numerous times about the country on "Counting On" would deter the people from joining the ministry in the future.

Also, the last straw was reportedly Derick's transphobic tweet against Jazz Jennings. Many took Derick's tweet as a jab to the transgender teenager.

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