Leah Messer is currently setting a great example for young mothers who are raising children with special needs. She has opened up about her daughter Ali's muscular dystrophy on "Teen Mom 2, " and fans are always eager to get an update from the mother on how things are going. It sounds like Leah is excited to share the news with her fans as Ali is always fighting a brave fight.

On "Teen Mom 2," fans are seeing how Ali is currently going through some health troubles, as she's struggling to breathe and she isn't doing well compared to her sisters.

Leah and her ex-husband Corey Simms decided to take her to the emergency room when she complained about struggling to breathe, and it sounds like she's doing what she can to have a healthy and happy daughter.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now being encouraged by fans to keep the special attention going when it comes to Ali. On "Teen Mom 2," Ali is often seen playing with her sisters and complaining that she can't keep up. It is hard for her to see her sisters do things that she can't do and she may often feel as if she's not good enough. However, it sounds like Messer should find a group of children with the same issues as Ali so that she can make friends with other kids.

Similar children

It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to meet other kids who have muscular dystrophy. On "Teen Mom 2," the focus has been on finding her a cure or a treatment option that would make life better for her.

"You should let Alli [sic] play with other kids with her condition or similiar [sic]. Join a support group and allow her to see other kids like her....I think that will help so much," one fan wrote to Leah Messer after she shared a photo on Instagram.

It seems like valuable advice for Leah, who is constantly trying to be her daughter's support system while filming "Teen Mom 2." It would help Ali to get out and meet other children who suffer from the same condition, so she can have fun with kids who operate at the same speed as her. Perhaps they could find some similarities they can bond over, so Ali doesn't always feel like she can't do things that Aleeah and Adalynn can do.

Is Ali only with her sisters?

Of course, MTV has been criticized for only showing certain things on "Teen Mom 2." The producers could edit the show to only reveal scenes where Ali is complaining about her situation or only being seen with her sisters. It is possible that she already has a group of friends, who suffer from something similar.

What do you think of Leah Messer possibly avoiding the option of engaging Ali with children just like herself?