Eve gave a special performance with a medley of her Greatest Hits at the 10th annual Malaika Foundation gala. The rapper sang "Who's That Girl," "Rich Girl," and "Blow Ya Mind" for the attendees in May at Espace on 42nd St. Eve attended the gala with husband Maximillion Cooper. The hip-hop star is married to the British billionaire Gumball 3000 motor rally CEO.

Barry Segal & Tina Buchan were honored at the event founded by international model Noella Coursaris Musunka. ELLE Editor-in-Chief Robbie Myers and Khaliah Ali presented keynote speeches.

Celebrity guests Saycon Sengbloh, Kerieth Paul, Merv Lukeba, Say Lou Lou singers Elektra Kilbey & Miranda Kilbey and Eric West all walked the red carpet.

The evening was hosted by Tai Beauchamp and included a fashion show featuring designs from EKI Orleans and Sarayaa. The event in partnership with ELLE included music by MTV Africa artist Fally Ipupa, dance group Batoto Yetu and international DJ Martin 2 Smoove.

What is Malaika?

"It's 10 years of Malaika," Eve told Blasting News exclusively at the annual reception. "I'm celebrating 10 years of the Malaika Foundation and I'm happy to be here." The Malaika School Library was recently inaugurated by Malaika Goodwill Ambassador Eve.

The e-library is the only one of it's kind in Kalebuka with both print and e-books on donated Android tablets.

The Malaika school is a free accredited school that provides an education to girls in Kalebuka which will add 30 girls a year to be educated until the end of secondary school. Malaika serves over 7,000 people each year through their community center which includes sports for the entire community.

Benefits of the Malaika Foundation

The Malaika organization also welcomed a student body of 252 girls in Fall 2016. According to the 10-year report, the curriculum includes literacy classes as well as courses in arts, sports, science, French, English, sewing, math, information technology and agriculture. 94% of Malaika students passed their exams and advanced to the next class.

Founder Noella Coursarsis Musunka stated. "It fills me with pride to see our local staff in action, as they teach these future agents of change their wide array of subjects and as I see them excel. Over the past decade, the Kalebuka community has shared in the celebration of each achieved milestone.

Our team, with the help of people all around the world, has helped in bringing eight wells to the region, as well as reached our goal of powering our computer lab with renewable solar energy and inaugurated the school's digital e-library, the first in the region, through which girls can access resources on tablet devices. Thank you for your continued support of this high-quality program."

Fifth-grade student Rose Muswamba stated.

"Malaika has changed the way I dream - I used to have small ideas of what my life could be like, but now I want to travel the world and experience everything." Attendees were each given handwritten artwork by Malaika school children in gift bags, which included Belgian Neuhaus chocolates, Clarins skin products, and BLK/OPL samples.