Latina singer Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend, professional baseball star Alex Rodriguez, graced New York City and a photo hit online of them together sitting on a park bench. Lopez and Rodriguez looked just like ordinary New York citizens, having their sweet moments away from the public eye as they sat together on a bench in either at Washington Square Park or Union Square, reported.

Rodriguez is a former professional third baseman and baseball shortstop. He has played over 20 seasons in major league baseball for the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers and Seattle Mariners, the MLB website noted.

The two have been reportedly dating since February of this year. The relationship even earned them the monicker J-Rod as their kids call them, the report continued. The couple has been spotted together at family events and glamor events. They were reportedly present at the Met Gala and took photos together during pool time with their families at birthday celebrations.

The photo in NYC was shared via Alex Rodriguez’s official Twitter page.

J-Lo’s workout routine

In a separate report on Entertainment Online, the international singer showed off her workout routine over on her social media account. Lopez reportedly lifted some weights in the gym and did her full body workout. Her boyfriend is usually her gym buddy but the recent clips on her social media showed no appearance from Rodriguez.

Lopez stated in the report that she and her boyfriend both appreciate where they are and what the status of their relationship is. They are both parents and spending their time with their children. At the same time, she believes that they have several things in common, such as being workaholics, ET Online added.

Same birth month

People said in another report that Lopez’s birthday is just three days away from that of Rodriguez’s. To enjoy every moment of it, the couple decided to celebrate together in July in Miami. It was reportedly a lavish birthday party that had them laughing and enjoying moments together.

The birthday party had them dancing with a huge cake embellished with around 10,000 Swarovski crystals, the report noted.

Each of them had their own birthday cakes during that day. The singer turned 48 last July and after three days, her boyfriend turned 42 years old, People added further. They were both open about their relationship, sharing photos of the celebration on social media.